Do You Know How to Identify a "Good Deal"?

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Master the skills & techniques top industry professionals use to analyze real estate investments and mortgage loans, make informed strategic decisions, and reduce risk.


    1. About This Course and Your Instructor

    2. How to Use This Course

    3. Before We Begin...

    1. Compound Interest vs. Simple Interest

    2. The Time Value of Money

    3. The Difference Between APR and APY

    1. Introduction to Financial Calculators

    2. List of Financial Calculators and Apps You Can Download NOW!

    3. How I Show Calculator Inputs on the Board

    4. Financial Calculator - Tour of Functions

    5. Changing the Decimal Display

    6. Using the 'g'-Key

    7. Entering RATE

    8. Financial Calculator - Stacking

    9. RPN (Reverse Polish Notation)

    10. PRACTICE - RPN & Stacking

    1. Future Value (FV)

    2. Example - Future Value

    3. PRACTICE - Future Value

    4. More PRACTICE - Future Value

    1. Present Value (PV)

    2. PRACTICE - Present Value

    3. Net Present Value (NPV)

    1. Rate of Return - Interest Rate (i)

    2. PRACTICE - Rate of Return - Interest Rate

    3. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

About this course

  • 38 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • Do you know ...?

    The first step to success in real estate is learning how to analyze investments, which means understanding financial calculations.

  • Have you ever ...?

    Have you ever been told that you need to "Know Your Numbers"?

    I have the solution you've been looking for, and it has worked for hundreds of other real estate investors & professionals around the world.

  • Should you ...?

    Why should you take this course? This course will teach you how to understand and analyze investments, calculate investment returns, and execute your strategy with confidence.


“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. I would advise anyone considering going into real estate as a realtor, investor or just seeking knowledge to take this course! It will change the narrative on the way you view and evaluate real estate from an economic standpoint ...”

Tamar W

“This was one of my favourite and most useful courses I have taken and greatly enhanced my ability to analyze different loan types & terms objectively. Trevor was able to answer many of my questions, many of which were outside the scope of the course ...”

Robert C

“Trevor is truly one of the best individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. When asked to speak at our graduation ceremony - Trevor stepped up and delivered an inspiring speech about perseverance and commitment. He has been and continues to be a resource to our students and our community ...”

Josh L

What's included with this course?

Personal Answers to your Questions, LinkedIn credential badge, CE Hours, and more...

  • Answers to your questions:
    I personally answer every student's questions, usually within minutes or hours. Frequently asked questions become future lessons.

  • LinkedIn Credential Badge:
    Add your certification to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills

  • Continuing Education (CE) Hours:
    Continuing Education credit hours available in some states.

  • Downloadable Swipe Files
    Useful spreadsheets, forms, templates, and checklists..

  • Completion Certificate
    Receive a printable certification after completion of the course.

Certificate & Resources

You also get certificate and all resources used in the course.

  • Completion Certificate

    Students receive a printable certificate upon completion.

  • Downloadable Files

    Useful forms, templates, spreadsheets, and checklists are included for you to download and use in your business.

What will you have after taking this course?


    in the skills necessary to analyze investments, evaluate financing options, and advise your clients


    and reduced risk through a better understanding of analysis, due diligence, and market conditions


    by demonstrating and applying your skills in real-time with clients and colleagues


    with better results in less time through good habits and time management using the systems of successful brokers


    to vet deals, assess people's motivations, know when to say “no“, and avoid opportunities that don't align with your goals


    of clients and professionals, leading to more incoming referrals, early leads, and repeat clients


    through higher commissions and real estate investments

My Story

Awarded with #1 Top Producer and Rookie of the Year

When I started in multifamily real estate, I was told "Working hard is not enough. To be successful, you also need to "Know your numbers, develop a strategy, and have a system."

I took that advice, learned the fundamentals and created a system emulating the top agents and investors in my market, and it worked! At the end of my first year, I bought my first multifamily property and earned both the "#1 Top Producer" and "Rookie of the Year" awards in the same year, a rarity for the industry.

Other agents asked to learn my system, and they saw similar success. Since then, I've been training others in Real Estate Finance & Investments in a way that's fun to learn, and the results speak for themselves.

Trevor Calton

Your instructor for this course

I have worked in Commercial Real Estate & Mortgage Banking since 1997, with experience in commercial & multifamily real estate sales, commercial lending, capital markets, investment acquisitions, and asset management. ​During my career, I have analyzed, sold, or acquired thousands of commercial real estate assets, overseen the management of hundreds of properties, including more than 6000 units of multifamily housing, and I have underwritten billions of dollars of commercial loans and real estate investments. ​​​I was also a Professor of Real Estate Finance at Portland State University in the Masters of Real Estate Development (MRED) program from 2011 to 2019. In addition to teaching at the university, I have also trained countless real estate agents and other professionals in investment analysis and sales skills used by top agents worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I be able to get my questions answered?

    I personally answer every question from my students, and commonly asked questions become the basis for future lessons or courses. Students can ask questions in the Discussion section of each course module, or email me directly.

  • Do I have to take each course module in order?

    No, you can go at your pace and in the order of your preference. Each section is designed to be used either as part of a sequence or as a standalone option.

  • Do you offer group training?

    Yes, I offer in-person and online group coaching & mentoring options specifically tailored for your team. Contact me to inquire about team training.

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